Pulp & Paper mills Manufacturing project with MASTER LED Tube Philips


This is the specification

•2100 Lm
•6500 K
•50.000 H Lifetime
•Polycarbonate Material


The Philips LEDtube UO 9 - 18W 865 - 60cm (MASTER) is the perfect alternative for a standard 18W fluorescent tube in fixtures with a Conventional (EM) ballast. With this fluorescent tube you are guaranteed with a long lifetime and 5 Years Any-Lamp.com all-in-warranty.


When switching to LED tubes it is important that you check your current tubes’ length and wattage This 9W LED Tube replaces a conventional 18W Tube with a length of 600mm. This tube will save up to 70% in energy costs in comparison with standard fluorescent tube.

This product has a lifetime of 50000 hours. In a normal business environment this lamp will last more than 15 years (52 weeks per year, 10 hours per day, from monday till friday). The lifetime is much longer than a standard fluorescent tube, which will only last for 10.000 hours. Of course you will have5 Years Any-Lamp.com all-in-warranty.

The diameter equal to a normal fluorescent tube: 26mm. The light colour is 6500K - Daylight, also known as 865 - Daylight. That makes this LED tube perfect for lighting company halls, garages and factories.
You can install this tube easily yourself:

Switch of the powerPivot the old tube out of the fixturePivot the new LED tube in the fixtureSwitch on the power and save on energy costs immediatelyNeed help or advice?Our lighting experts are here to help you!We're available on Monday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Tuesday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.Call us on:
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Switch to LEDMost people know that a switch to LED can be cost-effective - but how much can you really save, and how quickly is the initial cost of replacing your old lighting with LED returned to you?

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